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Goutham Grand a unit of Goutham Residency Pvt.Ltd, a premium luxury first class full service hotel in Tenali, Guntur and Vijayawada surroundings . Goutham Grand Hotel stands tall in its grandeur, sparkling away to glory in the gleam of the sunlight. As you enter the lobby, a burst of cool and rejuvenating semblance engulfs you.

The hotel is located in heart of the Tenali which is just 100mts from railway station, 25mins drive from Vijayawada, and 20mins drive from Guntur. The very first 3 star hotel in the city, it has state-of-the-art facilities for the discerning business traveller.

Tenali is also known for its canals passing to the city popularly known as Andhra Paris.

- General Manager

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